• Plant trees
  • Use the Internet and technology
  • Recycle paper content
  • Using hand dryers instead of paper towels
  • Stop using paper plates
  • Read magazines and newspapers online
  • Go to the library instead of buying books
  • Make your own gift wrap out of your own recycled paper
  • Ask for online receipts
  • Buy environmentally friendly toilet paper
  • Mandatory  Recycling Law- This law states that everybody within the city of San Fransisco has to recycle and if not they must pay fines up to $100-$1,000.
  • Clinton’s Greening the Government Execution Orders - The federal government has to buy 30% recycled paper content.  


  • Conserve hard copy documents by electronic publications, print-conserving paper efficiencies, print double sided, and print summaries instead of full text. 
    • Replacing non-recycled paper with 35% recycled content paper.
    • Feed the bin is a program taught at Wake County Public Schools in North Carolina. This program was made so that students could learn more about recycling. 
    • Schools can help by purchasing recycle paper goods and reducing and recycling paper wastes more.  

    • Schools can get students involved by having students find information on forests and their intelligence throughout history. Furthermore, have students develop awareness on how daily life choices effect the environment and protection against deforestation.  

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